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I just wanted to share with you an excerpt from Campbell’s school report that I’m absolutely sure regular drama classes have contributed to…
“In Speaking and Listening, Campbell uses interaction skills to engage in topical conversations, making statements and voicing opinions. He is able to rehearse and deliver engaging presentations on familiar and new topics. Campbell speaks clearly and varies tone, volume and pace according to suit the context.”

A huge part of the English curriculum for Primary (and Secondary!)

Gemma (Lower Primary)

Thanks for a wonderful year. This was the best decision we could have made to help Isla develop her confidence and voice projection. Even her teachers at school have seen a remarkable difference in her social skills and confidence in class. We have been so impressed with Janet’s energy and ability to engage so easily with the children – it’s a gift!

Melinda (Upper Primary)

The performance last night was fantastic. We were very proud of the girls. Grace’s teacher had mentioned to us just last week how pleased he is with Grace standing up and speaking and being comfortable to ask for help (with her dyslexia).

Thank you for teaching the girls Helen, they have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and can’t wait for next term!

Tanya (Upper Primary)

Aarya and Aathiya have had the most wonderful time in your drama classes this year. Although we are moving to the UK for a while, we will be back as soon as we return. Thank you for helping our children grow and discover their voices – Helen has been just amazing at fostering this!

Ommena & Devan (Kindy Drama & Lower Primary)

Owen has learnt so much from the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. His drama years with you have been both fun and nurturing – and have seen his confidence grow. We thank you so much for supporting him to explore his creativity and to express himself. We have loved every minute of it!

Leanne (Youth)

Grace loves your lessons…when she leaves your class I can tell by the look on her face just how happy she is and how much she loves participating. I have never seen her like this with anything else she does.

Julie (Lower Primary)

I want to let you know how fabulous it was to be invited into the class to see what the children have been doing.
It was great to see the performance and I love to watch Rachael do what she loves with her group, but what I really, really loved was how the class and performance were so clearly about the children and their learning and enjoyment and not about a “polished show”.
It was obvious how much the children respect and learn from you. Thanks for all the patience, time and knowledge that you bring to the group.

Imelda (Upper Primary)

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy classes are a fantastic way to extend confidence and self-assurance in a fun and play based environment. The dedication of working towards an end of year performance as a group combined with the final satisfaction and enjoyment of performing for parents and others is also a fabulous growing experience for children. I am a firm believer in any activity that promotes play, imagination and personal growth – all of which I feel are key elements of the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.

Kelly (Youth Theatre)

We appreciate the positive background your provide for our young man. We wish to thank you for the absolute individual attention he receives each time he ventures into his weekly enjoyment session with you. Thank you for welcoming him into the Upper Primary family.
We value the particular skills you have in your support for DJ.

Keith & Sheila (Upper Primary)

My daughter has been attending Helen O’Grady Drama Academy classes for a year now and it is truly a wonderful program. The classes are the highlight of her week!
They allow the students to be ‘who they really are!’ to express themselves freely and honestly.
Justin is so supportive in the way he encourages free thinking and creativity in the students, and they are all inspired by his amazing passion, energy, and enthusiasm! They learn so much from his direction and encouragement and the kids love him!
I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen O’Grady classes to build confidence, friendships, and free spirit!

Nina (Upper Primary)

I would recommend the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for all children.
My 11 year old daughter and 5 year old son have been going to Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for three terms and have had a lot of fun.
They have made new friends, learned new skills and been able to express themselves in a safe and stimulating environment.
At the end of each drama class the children couldn’t wait to tell me what they had done, something that rarely happens after school.
The end of year show was a delight to watch. I was able to see first hand the effectiveness of the programme reflected in the quality and professionalism of the performances. Even my five year old was able to show how well he knew all the words and choreography. I hope we will be a part of the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy for many years to come.

Vidya (Lower & Upper Primary)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wife for the absolutely fantastic drama program you run.
Mia has often found it difficult to talk in front of a big audience, such as church or school, but she did fantastically well at the year end play.
The night before, she told me she was worried about getting “stage fright” so we talked about how she performs at drama on Fridays and her play is just like a big drama class with costumes!  Mia has only been coming to your classes this term but I see a difference in her self belief and also, more importantly, a willingness to have a go even when she has those busy butterflies in her tummy.  So, thank you so much for creating a safe and nurturing environment for Mia to explore herself.
Mia’s teacher Janet, is just so lovely with the children; sometimes I think she is enjoying herself more than the children and sometimes I want to join in too as it looks like so much fun.

Lisa (Lower Primary)

Our son Max has been attending the Kindy Drama classes for the last two terms and we have had so much fun. Caroline is always an enthusiastic and vibrant teacher who is so inclusive and animated. She has really made each class special and memorable. Thank you so much for a fantastic program.

Natasha (Kindy Drama)

Please let Caroline know how much we appreciate her input into all the drama classes this year.
She has been consistently friendly, enthusiastic and kind to all the children, and she is so skilled in drawing them out and engaging them in activities.
Ethan has enjoyed the classes and has grown in confidence and self esteem during his time with the Academy.
Thank you again for a fun filled learning environment.

Gill (Lower Primary)

Tiffanie loved her first lesson with you and told me you made her feel very comfortable, so thank you so much for that. She said she is so happy that she has finally found “her thing”. I think you will be seeing a lot more of her! Thank you Merylena.

Tracy (Youth Theatre)

Our two boys, Jack and Harry, have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences in their Kindy Drama classes,
and have loved their teacher, Caroline, who is simply amazing – what a woman!  Thank you for the opportunity and exposure to these fabulous drama classes. We wish you all the best and will happily recommend your classes to others.  Thank you once again.

Bridget (Kindy Drama)

drama lessons for kids

Students Love Our Classes

In fact, some former students are now enrolling their own children so that they too can experience the vibrance, nurturing and personal growth that the Academy brings to all students.

This is a great compliment to the power of the program!
• Students love to feel that they are part of something special! They need to know that they are valued, included, empowered and encouraged.
• Our classes provide endless opportunities for creative involvement with their teacher and with one another.

• Students are encouraged to participate fully in all activities. Individual progress is regularly acknowledged.
• The learning environment is warm and inclusive, providing a safe place to be, to have fun, to learn new skills, and to become more confident and empowered.
• Developmental drama does not exclude performance! Students experience the joy of performing regularly for their peers, their parents and, finally, for an annual production on stage each year.

Quite possibly, one of the biggest reasons students love our programme is because their teachers love the programme, and genuinely care about each and every student participating in it!

We look forward to meeting you, and your family, at a Helen O’Grady Drama Academy soon. You will be made most welcome!