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Executive Principal

Executive Principal Helen Davey B.A.Ed.
Helen Davey

Helen started as a part-time teacher with the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy over 30 years ago and loved the program so much, she has stayed with the Academy and is now the Executive Principal for all of our WA branches.

Helen says “What a privilege, with the work of our very talented Principals and teaching staff, to be involved closely in the self-development of so many children throughout Perth. The positive influence which our drama and acting classes have on individual students never ceases to thrill me and I am so proud to be a part of sharing our unique program with our families here in Western Australia.”

Development through Drama!

Find out why we are the world’s biggest provider of developmental drama programs for children between 3 and 17.

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Northern & Western Suburbs

Co-Principals Justin Lowson B.A.Ed & Janet Lowson B.A.Sc, B.A.Ed
Justin Lowson & Janet Lowson

Between them, after teaching High School English, Drama, Science & Dance, for several years, husband and wife team Justin and Janet, were thrilled to become branch Principals with the Academy in 2009.

Justin & Janet say “We love the difference we can make to the lives of our students through giving them a voice, enabling them to express themselves and empowering them through language. Our program is certainly something that we feel passionate about and we are thrilled to be able to bring it to so many children”

Eastern Suburbs

Merylena Sulak B.A.Ed

Merylena SulakWith loads of teaching experience in Perth and the US, as well as 4 years of part-time teaching with the Academy in her early career, Merylena was excited to return and become a branch Principal in 2012.

Merylena says “In today’s world it is such an important skill for children and young adults, to be able to be confident in communicating and to have the ability to believe in themselves and express this freely. I am so proud to be part of a program that allows children to have fun, while teaching them valuable life-skills that will enable them to become confident, happy and enthusiastic, now and in the future.”

Southern Suburbs

Kerry Jones B.Ed. B.A.Ed.

Kerry JonesKerry is an experienced teacher who has worked with many students aged from 3 to 18 years in a variety of countries during her time in the field of education. Kerry found the perfect opportunity to bring her skills to become a branch Principal in 2015.

Kerry says “The program offers wonderful opportunities for children to develop self-confidence, good communication skills and have fun. It is these aspects of the program that attracted me to becoming a part of the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy team. It is delightful to see the students grow and develop in confidence and self-esteem right before my eyes during our classes”

Rockingham / Mandurah

Kristen Matthey B.Teach. B.C.A

Kristen MattheyAfter 3 years of teaching with the Academy, as well as teaching full time in a High School, Kristen became Principal of the Rockingham/Mandurah branch in 2015.

Kristen says
“This program has brought out a love of drama in me that I’ve embraced with enthusiasm. The joy and happiness I see in children’s eyes and the positive feedback I receive from parents who recognise the long term life skills that their children are gaining, makes being their Principal so rewarding!”

Helen O'Grady

Helen O'Grady
“I am constantly inspired by the power of our unique, developmental drama programme to influence and empower children of many races and cultures.
I have travelled the world training teachers and working in the classes with thousands of children. Along the way, I have been joined by many wonderful people who are dedicated and committed to helping children achieve their potential, through participation in our acclaimed drama programme.

The more I travelled and absorbed different cultures, the more I realised how similar we all are. Parents and children everywhere share basic hopes and dreams. Parents want their children to feel loved, to be happy, confident, empowered, able to affect change and prosper. Children need to feel loved, valued, recognised, included, and to be motivated, happy and hopeful.

Through the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy programme, teachers are able to help thousands and thousands of young people find their voice, generate self-belief, become generous participants in life and to experience much fun and fulfilment along the way!”

Helen O’Grady

Helen O'Grady Drama PerthMake it Your Business to Teach Drama!

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy was established in Perth, Australia, in 1979.  Today, it operates in 40 countries, with hundreds of franchised branches providing classes at thousands of different locations.
The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy provides an opportunity for energetic and enthusiastic teachers to run a business which allows them to teach children, manage their own timetable, work primarily during school term time and earn an attractive income.

The Academy offers a self-development program for children designed to build their confidence and self-esteem through a carefully constructed drama syllabus.

Key Franchise Features
• Franchisees are provided with the materials, training and support required to deliver the classes as well as market and operate their Academy.
• Support and advice is given to Franchisees in the selection of their initial studio locations and business set-up.
• All curriculum content and lesson plans are provided each term over a four-year period -no time-consuming task of research for lessons!
• The business is operated from home, with teaching studios being established in suitable halls within the franchise territory.
• The majority of holidays are leisure time for a Helen O’Grady franchisee.  Hours of work throughout the year are considerably less than other businesses of comparable income.

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