Empowering students with confidence & developing their drama skills. 

Drama classes for primary-school aged children.

Our drama classes for primary school-aged kids are a whole lot of fun! With a specially written curriculum and specialist teacher training, teachers motivate and inspire students to cultivate a genuine passion for drama and arts. Our aim is to give children ongoing confidence, self-esteem, and verbal communication skills through dynamic, age-appropriate classes. Whether your child wants to be on the big screen, the big stage, or just loves performing for friends and family, they will love our classes!

Age-based drama classes. 

Our primary programs are split into two age groups. Lower Primary is designed for children aged 5 – 8, and Upper Primary is designed for children aged 9 – 12. 

These developmental primary programs provide children with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, fluent delivery, and social skills. We do this through engaging activities and games, music and movement, character development, script-work, and more. 

Cultivating the next generation of storytellers.

Social development

Teamwork & collaboration

Verbal & nonverbal communication

Building rapport on and off stage

Active listening and following directions

Drama development

Annual productions

Public Speaking & performance skills

Movement & spatial awareness


Dialogue work

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Our classes follow the school term system and run during all four terms of the year (breaking over each school holiday period). We have an array of convenient locations across the Perth Metro area, so there’s bound to be one near you! 

Fees and payments.  

Term fees may vary depending on the length of the school term (all-inclusive), and we also offer discounts for siblings. Fees for a 10-week term are: 

  • 1 child $205 
  • 2 children $390 
  • 3 children $575 

To accommodate your family movements and lifestyle, pro-rata rates are available for part-term enrolment.

All fees must be paid, in full, before your child’s first class. Deposits and fees can be paid by Internet transfer or credit card payments. However, credit card payments can be made only by phoning our branch offices, so please check with your branch Principal for bank details.