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Development through Drama!

Find out why we are the world’s biggest provider of developmental drama programs for children aged between 3 and 17.

Students Love Our Classes

In fact, some former students are now enrolling their own children so that they too can experience the vibrance, nurturing and personal growth that the Academy brings to all students.

This is a great compliment to the power of the program!
• Students love to feel that they are part of something special! They need to know that they are valued, included, empowered and encouraged.
• Our classes provide endless opportunities for creative involvement with their teacher and with one another.

• Students are encouraged to participate fully in all activities. Individual progress is regularly acknowledged.
• The learning environment is warm and inclusive, providing a safe place to be, to have fun, to learn new skills, and to become more confident and empowered.
• Developmental drama does not exclude performance! Students experience the joy of performing regularly for their peers, their parents and, finally, for an annual production on stage each year.

Quite possibly, one of the biggest reasons students love our programme is because their teachers love the programme, and genuinely care about each and every student participating in it!

We look forward to meeting you, and your family, at a Helen O’Grady Drama Academy soon. You will be made most welcome!